Our pricing, like other professional inspectors, is based on several factors.

  • A typical inspection usually takes about four hours at the property to complete.  Those inspectors who brag they can do three or four inspections in a day can only do so at the expense of his clients.  " A fast cheap inspection is about as good as a cheap suit.  It can rarely be a good deal."  ​We pride ourselves in our integrity and our willingness to provide a fair and honest inspection report without taking any short cuts.  Once the inspection is completed, the report is then prepared and promptly sent to the client.
  • We are proud of our association with other professional organizations, and because of this, we offer "extras" at no additional cost to our clients.  My membership in InterNACHI ​is invaluable in the training provided and professional support.  The ​Buy-Back Guarantee ​is a no-gimmick program designed to protect the home owner.  We provide this guarantee in writing to all of our clients at no extra charge.  Also, our association with RecallChek​ provides additional ongoing protection for our clients, also at no extra charge.
  • Finally, we use ISN (the ​Inspection Support Network​) to coordinate our scheduling and report delivery in a prompt, efficient, and seemless manner.  Throughout the inspection process, communication with our clients and real estate agents, is professionally managed.  Using ISN brings an additional level of professionalism to what we offer our clients.
  • The bottom line to pricing is that it's about the specifics of the property itself.  The size (in square feet), construction, age, and extras (pools, outbuildings, etc.) all add up to the quoted price for services.  But doing the math, the approximate price of our home inspection typically is less than .04% of the cost of the property. (Based on $200K, 2,500 sq. ft. house)  With what is delivered to the client, when it is delivered, and the extras included, it's hardly worth haggling over $50-$75 if you feel satisfied we are providing the ultimate value for your home inspection.
  • Those competitors who do a fast cheap inspection most certainly know the value of what they are providing.  But sometimes, it is simply not the best policy to go with a bargain priced inspector.

A new home buyer typically receives a one year warranty from the builder.  But on the 366th day after closing, maintenance repair costs instantly are transferred from the builder to the homeowner.  It is essential to contact your inspector during the tenth or eleventh month from closing to arrange a follow-up Warranty Inspection.  Like most good inspectors, we make a point of contacting our clients who this would apply to in order to set up that inspection.

$$ It's all about the price, right?$$

By planning ahead, the seller can have his house inspected before he ever lists it. By doing this, the seller can address those issues which would normally come up and attend to them before they become serious sticking points during the buyer's option period.  Controlling repair costs ahead of time certainly has it merits.  Unlike the human body, problems in house don't heal themselves, and will only tend to worsen with time.  And finally, having taken this prior action, it becomes a major marketing advantage for the seller.

The most common inspection is the Buyer's Inspection.  ​This thorough and detailed look at a prospective new property gives the buyer and his agent all the information they need to move forward with a transaction, or in some cases, back away and find another house.  We are required to deliver a written report within three days, but almost always without exception, the report is in the buyers hands in less than 24 hours.  By utilizing the Texas mandated inspection report format, the report is easily understandable and provides good and usable information without getting bogged down in a lot technical jargon.


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nEw construction / PHASE INSPECTIONS 


It's an exciting time when buyers take that big step and commit to the purchase of a brand new house.  Whether it is a builder's inventory new home, or the construction from the ground up of that dream home, it is still an exciting time.  At this vulnerable time for the buyer, an inspector takes on a very valuable role.

We believe no builder would ever seek to take short-cuts or intentionally defraud their customers. But in the crunch time when deadlines are looming on the horizon, and closing dates are just ahead, the rush to get it done can cause mistakes.  Maybe something gets forgotten.  Our role for our client is to be vigilant and precise in watching for the details.  We seek to work with all concerned to protect the interests of the buyers and point out those "deficiencies" which need to be corrected prior to closing.

​When construction is beginning from the ground up, PHASE INSPECTIONS can be useful.  By spacing out inspections at strategic times during the construction, we can spot important parts of the structure before they get covered up and forgotten.  Typically, three phase inspections are adequate, but sometimes, more would be better.

​Published prices are representative only and could fluctuate        depending on varying additional conditions.